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Vasa Raičkovića 13c, Podgorica



Common questions

How do I order food through your website?

Ordering is easy. Browse and select the products and click "Add to Cart". Click "Cart", review the order. Click "Order" and enter the data. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail. 

If you have any difficulties when ordering, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone and we will be happy to help you.

What payment methods are available on your website?

Payment by card: When choosing this option, you will be able to enter your credit or debit card details directly on our secure payment processor.

Cash payment upon delivery: When delivering your order, our delivery man will bring you the products and you will pay him the amount of the order in cash.

Is your food healthy for our children?

Of course it is. In order to choose a calorie package that corresponds to the age of your child, please tell us the age of the child. In this way, we can provide a personalized recommendation for caloric intake that matches your child's needs.

How much is shipping?

Delivery is free.

When and where do you deliver?

Dostava se vrsi od 11 do 14h. Na željenu adresu.

Until when can it be ordered?

Narudžbe se vrše do 16h, dan ranije.

Can we pick up our own food?

Of course! You have the option to pick up your own food.

In which dish is our food prepared?

When preparing food, we use cast dishes.

Do we use oil when cooking?
When preparing food, we use coconut oil.